Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spain at FIFA 2014: a fruitful collapse

The World Cup is over (did you know that? And Germany were actually able to win Women’s under 20 in Montreal, also), and football is coming back to continental and national leagues - actually, we have already seen Real Madrid crush Sevilla frail hopes in the UEFA Super Cup. So what are the mortal remains of FIFA 2014? As odd as it can be, FIFA 2014 in Brazil was barely able to increase the average market value of player who played there. In order to single out the effect of FIFA 2014, we restricted the analysis to the players who were in the starting eleven of the teams who reached the quarterfinals (Ronaldo, Iniesta, and Balotelli may disagree, but their appearance in FIFA did not significantly change their value). And we got the data that appeared on transfermarkt.com both before (as of june 1) and after (as of august 15) the tournament. We thought that, by considering these 88 players, the average market value would have significantly increased in the considered time span; as a matter of fact, being in the quarterfinals could be considered as a success (except for Brazil, that’s for granted…). And this happened to be true, but only to a certain extent: on average, the increase was around 15% of the value before the tournament. But who benefitted the most at the league (and at the team) level?

Despite the poor performance of Spain, LFP saw the highest value increase among leagues. And the clubs who benefitted the most in the Liga - either because they sold players in the summer time spell, or because they saw their players increase their value - have been Real Madrid and Real Sociedad (the latter basically as a consequence of Griezmann performance), with Barcelona following. Monaco managed to monetise James Rodriguez’s fine production in Brazil.

Interestingly, Premier League did not see their player dramatically change their average value: Hazard and Chelsea’s Oscar and David Luiz changes were contrasted by an evident decrease of Van Persie and Ozil values.

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