Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Plus or Google Plaster?

I guess this is going to spark some discussion among the early G+ adopters:
I am under the impression that G+ is just a Facebook knockoff. I mean, I am not talking abut the frills and the technicalities that most of the social geeks have already highlighted ("sharing is easier", "circles are a step ahead", "graphics is sloppier"). And I am not talking about the fact that G+ will strongly benefit by the blend of products Big G has made us accustomed to, and from which it is able to pull user-generated contents: yes, this will make G+ a strong competitor for Facebook, and it may eventually end up in being more popular.
I am talking about the fact that, at now, with less than a hundred hours of use, and with less than 15 friends in my circles, I see that this small sample (including myself) is just using G+ the same way, and for the same reason as it is using Facebook.
Am I wrong? Is it going to be hugely different?

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