Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl XLIII

I need to say that my opinion on the match is much biased by my Patriots-leaning POV (Cards were owned by the Pats 47-7 less than a couple of months ago). I honestly think that the Cardinals are very overstated as possible superbowl winners. IMHO, Kurt Werner is no more than a fair QB, having three very good receivers always playing and an always play the ball offense, his stats are just OK for an offensive line like the one he has got. If I had to pick a team for tonight, I would definitely choose the Steelers, the hardly forgotten 70-ish defensive line is still there (even if a little grown older...), and big Ben will be at ease with the cards sacking blitzes...
My call? Steelers 21 - Cards 10.
And for the first time in ages, it's going to be shown n public television in Italy!! (Rai 2, 00:15 CET)

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