Thursday, January 08, 2009

Digital life goes chubbier...

For several early Jans, we have been used to Jobs and Gates clashing with words in the west, and it was all but an heavyweight fight: then, after Steve Ballmer's Keynote address at CES 09, and Philip Shiller's opening talk at Macworld 2009, it looks like the digital age is putting up weight ;) . I would give just a C+ to Shiller (he would have needed help from the team, but green batteries and tagging faces on iphoto had not been enough...), and a C to Ballmer and his over-sized gang (Windows 7 just tries to mimic functions already implemented in Leopard, and Live Search is trailing on localization features and functions). But, in the end, both looked like a sign of the times: is pervasive computing going to make all of us plumper? Let's just keep on Wiiing, at least... ;)

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