Monday, September 14, 2009


I was getting bored with all those "america's next top model"-ish style tennis players in WTA, and I was on the verge of thinking that, Williams apart, you're not gonna make it into the real big game unless you're being signed for (or run) a fashion company. And I'm happy that mom Kim proved me wrong!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

doesn't need a hand...

Kevin Laue is an impressive center, a hell of a shot blocker, a nice shooter, and he was repeatedly said that he would have made it to the NCAA Division 1, if he had had two hands. in fact, it turned out that he really doesn't need the missing one, apparently he's going to play into Division 1 in the NCAA with the Manhattan Jaspers. Best of luck mate!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Take care, bloody red sock...

Curt Schilling retired, with two rings from the beantown.
Not bad, Curt, not bad...
“Turn out the lights, the party’s over”

I used to wait with bated breath for Don Meredith to start singing that on “Monday Night Football.” Normally, it was sweet music if the Steelers were playing.

If I could get him to sing it again, I would. This party has officially ended. After being blessed to experience 23 years of playing professional baseball in front of the world’s best fans in so many different places, it is with zero regrets that I am making my retirement official.

To say I’ve been blessed would be like calling Refrigerator Perry “a bit overweight.” The things I was allowed to experience, the people I was able to call friends, teammates, mentors, coaches and opponents, the travel, all of it, are far more than anything I ever thought possible in my lifetime.

Four World Series, three World Championships. That there are men with plaques in Cooperstown who never experienced one — and I was able to be on three teams over seven years that won it all — is another “beyond my wildest dreams” set of memories I’ll take with me.

The game always gave me far more than I ever gave it. All of those things, every single one of those memories is enveloped with fan sights and sounds for me. Without the fans, they would still be great memories, but none would be enduring and unforgettable because they infused the energy, rage, passion and “feel” of all of those times. The game was here long before I was, and will be here long after I’m gone. The only thing I hope I did was never put in question my love for the game, or my passion to be counted on when it mattered most. I did everything I could to win every time I was handed the ball.

I am and always will be more grateful than any of you could ever possibly know.

I want to offer two special thank you’s.

To my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for granting me the ability to step between the lines for 23 years and compete against the best players in the world.

To my wife Shonda and my 4 children, Gehrig, Gabriella, Grant and Garrison for sacrificing their lives and allowing baseball to be mine while I played. Without their unquestioned support I would not have been able to do what I did, or enjoy the life, and I am hopefully going to live long enough to repay them as much as a Father and Husband can.

Thank you and God Bless

Curt Schilling, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl XLIII

I need to say that my opinion on the match is much biased by my Patriots-leaning POV (Cards were owned by the Pats 47-7 less than a couple of months ago). I honestly think that the Cardinals are very overstated as possible superbowl winners. IMHO, Kurt Werner is no more than a fair QB, having three very good receivers always playing and an always play the ball offense, his stats are just OK for an offensive line like the one he has got. If I had to pick a team for tonight, I would definitely choose the Steelers, the hardly forgotten 70-ish defensive line is still there (even if a little grown older...), and big Ben will be at ease with the cards sacking blitzes...
My call? Steelers 21 - Cards 10.
And for the first time in ages, it's going to be shown n public television in Italy!! (Rai 2, 00:15 CET)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Digital life goes chubbier...

For several early Jans, we have been used to Jobs and Gates clashing with words in the west, and it was all but an heavyweight fight: then, after Steve Ballmer's Keynote address at CES 09, and Philip Shiller's opening talk at Macworld 2009, it looks like the digital age is putting up weight ;) . I would give just a C+ to Shiller (he would have needed help from the team, but green batteries and tagging faces on iphoto had not been enough...), and a C to Ballmer and his over-sized gang (Windows 7 just tries to mimic functions already implemented in Leopard, and Live Search is trailing on localization features and functions). But, in the end, both looked like a sign of the times: is pervasive computing going to make all of us plumper? Let's just keep on Wiiing, at least... ;)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

...e buonanotte alla digital inclusion...

Fino ad oggi non avevo mai capito per quale motivo gli hot spot in Italia sono cosi' poco distribuiti. In tanti altri paesi, entri in un pub/bar/libreria/cafe', e con ogni probabilita' hai accessso gratuito alla rete con il tuo laptop: l'esercente ti offre l'accesso al servizio gratuitamente, anche perche' sa che con una bella connessione al web, tu rimarrai piu' tempo da lui, e probabilmente ti comprerai un croissant in piu', o un altro cappuccino. In Italia no, e non me ne facevo capace: poi ho letto questo. E', credo, il quarto anno consecutivo, che, per un esercente pubblico, e' d'obbligo
1. registrarsi presso la Questura, ma soprattutto
2. tenere un registro dei dati dei propri clienti o soci che si connettono a internet, ed inoltre,
3. identificazione certa degli utenti della propria rete (tramite carta d'identità o numero di cellulare)

Be', questo mi sembra andare proprio nella direzione opposta alle promesse di superamento del digital divide...