Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rome, still my town? :(

It's been now around four months since Rome mayor elections were held, when Alemanno chimed in after an upset victory against Rutelli. My confidence on his ability to propose new ways to serve for the local administration was not low, but I think I need to change my mind, since he's just sticking with a personal version of the old (and IMHO not that good for Rome, right now) Giuliani's recipe of fixing broken windows:

?? No bivouacking on the streets ??

??? The army at the subway station ???

???? No 3-or-more people gathering in the parks ????

This will be quite scary, if it is enforced...
Come on, Gianni, do you really need anchors and pickets to climb Rome?
And a little reminder for those ones who are going to visit Rome: just keep walking, pretend you don't know each other, and if you happen to get drowsy, remember, espressos are everywhere... ;)

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